TYPE-E Strike Type E

  • Do not use line drawing to mortice door – for guidance only
Strike Type E
Product Drawing
Additional Photography of Strike Type E


Stainless steel or brass May be supplied square or round end Finishes stainless steel (SS) or stain brass (SB) Other finishes available

To Suit

G3008, G3009, MK3008, MK3009, G4040, G4050, G4053, G4061, G7008, Y7008, E7008, G7008HB, Y7008HB, E700HB, G7009, Y7009, E7009, G7058, G7058HB, G7059, G72-4053, G72-7008, G72-7008HB, G72-7009


Additional steel back box may be ordered separately Maximum door thickness 50mm Extended lip version available

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