Frequently Asked Questions

Q.     What is the difference between the Y7000, G7000 and E7000

A.     The Centres dimension, i.e. Y = 48mm, G =51mm and E = 57mm


Q.     Are extended lip striker plates available for the Imperial range of locks

A.     Yes. These can be ordered by quoting the "Type” letter reference, stating the additional size and finish required


Q.     Can British Standard 5 Lever Locks be keyed alike to non-British Standard locks

A.     No. Locks made to BS3621 have a unique lever pack and key system that is not compatible with non BS products


Q.     I do not know the handing details for Night Latches required. What are my options

A.     We offer the reversible G7088 Night Latch. In addition most of our product offer can be supplied in a Roller Bolt version.
         Alternatively, an "opposite hand bolt” can be supplied to change over on site as required


Q.     Does the horizontal range conform to BS3621

A.     No. The horizontal range has not been tested to this standard. This is in line with other manufacturers product offer


Q.     What is the difference between Heavy Sprung, Double Sprung and Heavy Duty

A.     Heavy Sprung – the follower has a strong spring action, generally used in conjunction with un-sprung lever handle furniture

          Double Sprung – both the latch bolt and follower have their own separate spring

          Heavy Duty – refers to the category of use, i.e. high volume, continual use

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