Architectural 5 Lever Security Mortice Locks

We manufacture a comprehensive range of CE marked 5 lever security mortice locks suitable for use on external or internal wooden doors where a high level of security / privacy is required. Tested to BS EN 12209 and BS EN 1634-1:2000

Applicable to all 5 Lever patterns:

APPLICATION: For wood doors hinged on the left or right opening inwards or outwards.

SPECIFICATION: Specifications are correct at the time of going to press but the right is reserved to make alterations without notice.

CASE: Steel, epoxy polyester powder coated.

FOREND: May be supplied square or round end. Finishes stainless steel (SS) or satin brass (SB).Other finishes available.

STRIKER PLATE: May be supplied square or round end except patterns G5050 and G5054. Finish to match forend except patterns G5050 and G5054.

KEYS: Steel, nickel plated, 2 supplied.

GUARANTEE: Guardian Lock & Engineering Co.Ltd. undertake to repair or replace without charge any product supplied and manufactured by the company in the event of defect due to faulty workmanship or material, fair wear and tear excepted.No liability is accepted in respect of consequential loss or costs incurred arising from any such defect.

QUALITY: The company operates a quality system of assessed capability to BS EN ISO 9001 Registration no: FM02017 refers.

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