Lock Maintenance

General Care

Once fitted, very little cleaning of the lock is required other than to occasionally wipe exposed surfaces with a soft cloth

Polishes should not ingress the mechanism or the keyholes of pin tumbler cylinders

Forends and Strike plates should not be painted or varnished

The key should turn with a free and easy action. If it does not the most likely cause is that the bolt is binding on the strike plate

Regular use will keep the mechanism in good working order

When decorating it is advisable to remove locks from doors; at which time they may be cleaned and lubricated


At the time of manufacture a good quality long lasting grease is applied to the springs and latch bolt mechanism

A high grade thin, non-stain oil can be used to apply a smear to latch, deadbolt, pin and nose of the mortice key

A smear to the striking surface of the strike plate will give a quieter and smoother operation

Lubrication of brass levers is unnecessary

A fine flake graphite or other proprietary lubricant available from locksmiths is recommended for the pin tumbler mechanism of cylinders

Once a year should be sufficient for the above applications

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