G72-7008HB Euro-Profile Cylinder Mortice Night Latch

  • Fire tested to BS EN 1634-1:2000
  • Conforms with DDA Requirements
  • 10 year Warranty on request with order
  • Standard Springing Available
  • Heavy Springing Available
  • CE Marked
  • Performance Rated to BS EN 12209
  • Handing Required
  • Do not use line drawing to mortice door – for guidance only
Euro-Profile Cylinder Mortice Night Latch
Product Drawing
Additional Photography of Euro-Profile Cylinder Mortice Night Latch


Latchbolt operated by key outside and lever handle or turn knob from inside using a single cylinder or by key from either side using a double cylinder. The bolt may be held in the withdrawn position by means of a reverse turn of the key Use with turn operated cylinders is not recommended


Pierced to accept 20mm and 38mm centre bolt through fixing escutcheons and 38mm centre diagonally opposed bolt through fixing furniture


Size 235mm X 25mm

Striker Plate

Type E


Brass. Projection 12mm. Hand must be specified


Brass, to suit 8mm square spindle. One-way action. Sprung to suit sprung lever handle furniture For unsprung lever handle furniture heavy duty springing should be specified


Not supplied. May be used with the following cylinders: a) Key one side such as Guardian G9000 b) Key either side such as Guardian G9001

Rebate Units
To Suit

G72-3051-13mm G72-3052-19mm G72-3053-25mm

A Lock Case

76mm, 101mm

B Backset

57mm, 82mm NOTE: DIN Standard backsets available – priced separately

C Centres


Product Drawing

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