TYPE-C Strike Type C

  • Do not use line drawing to mortice door – for guidance only
Strike Type C
Product Drawing
Additional Photography of Strike Type C


Stainless steel or brass May be supplied square or round end Finishes stainless steel (SS) or satin brass (SB) Other finishes available

To Suit

G3004, G3005, MK3004, SC3004, SC3005, MK/SC3004, G3006, MK3006, SC3006, MK/SC3006, G3007, MK3007, G5006, MK5006, SC5006, MK/SC5006, G7004, SC7004, S9054, G7014, G7006, SC7006, G7007, G7054, SC7054, G7056, G7057, G8022, SC8022, G8023, SC8023, G8028, SC8028, G8029, SC8029, G72-7004, G72-7006, G72-7007


Additional steel back box may be ordered separately, order DUSTBOX2. Maximum door thickness N/A

Product Drawing

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