G9764 Euro-Profile Cylinder Mortice Escape Deadlock

  • Fire tested to BS EN 1634-1:2000
  • 10 year Warranty on request with order
  • CE Marked
  • Performance Rated to BS EN 12209
  • Do not use line drawing to mortice door – for guidance only
Euro-Profile Cylinder Mortice Escape Deadlock
Product Drawing
Additional Photography of Euro-Profile Cylinder Mortice Escape Deadlock


Deadbolt operated by key or release lever from either side using a double cylinder or by key one side and release lever either side using a single cylinder


Pierced to accept 20mm centre bolt through fixing escutcheons. May also be pierced to accept Kaba-profile cylinders - Lock ref: KP9764

Striker Plate

Box, Type I


Brass, with 2 hardened steel rollers. Throw 14mm


Not supplied. May be used with the following cylinders: a) Key one side such as Guardian G9000 b) Key either side such as Guardian G9001

Rebate Units
To Suit

G3051-13mm G3052-19mm G3053-25mm

A Lock Case


B Backset


Product Drawing

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